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What to expect when Destinations Realty helps you find a home.

Give us a call or an e-mail, or drop by our office, and we'll get together and talk about your plans and interests. The more detail you can give us about your ideal home, the better we can help you find it. We'll talk about whether you want to be in a town, out in the country or on the beach. We'll help you consider the various options: home, condominium or building site.

The listing agent represents the seller, not the buyer. It is the listing agent’s responsibility to sell the property at the highest price in the shortest time. When agents represent the seller, their job is to portray a property in the most favorable light and obtain the highest price from the buyer.

A real estate buyer's agent represents the consumer who is purchasing the property in the real estate transaction. This agent owes full fiduciary responsibilities, duties and loyalty to the real estate buyer. The buyer's agent works for the buyer client and has the client’s best interests in mind through out the entire real estate transaction process.

After our initial meeting, we'll visit some properties. You'll find us completely prepared. We'll have previewed all the areas that fit your criteria and selected the best. We won't waste your time with properties that just don't suit you. In most cases, we'll be able to see all the properties appropriate for your criteria in a couple days, maybe less. We'll help you make your choice, negotiate the purchase, and you'll be on your way. If you don't see your dreamhouse right away, we'll keep hunting for you, pursuing every possible avenue. In the meantime, if you see an ad or a sign for a property that looks interesting, call us, and we'll secure further information and photos.

And don't worry. We're not going to pressure you into anything that's not right for you. Our objective always is to quickly find you the perfect property. But even if it takes longer than we hoped, we keep working till we find your dream house.

In order to get the best possible price, try these tips:

  • Seek diamonds in the rough: Many buyers can't visualize "potential"... if you can, that's an opportunity.
  • Make offers as clean as possible, with minimal contingencies.
  • Get prequalified with a local lender and submit the lender's approval with your offer.
  • Compose a letter to the sellers telling them about you and your family, explaining why you love their property. We'll submit it along with the offer to purchase. Making yourself real to the sellers can have enormous impact.

Once you've found a property you love, Destinations Realty will help you prepare an offer. Your offer to purchase is normally presented with a small deposit, with an additional deposit after the offer is accepted. This "earnest money" is commonly put in an interest-bearing account for your benefit, then turned over to the seller at closing. If the seller accepts your offer, you can expect a closing to take place within 30-60 days, depending on financing.

If the seller rejects your offer, don't be discouraged. This is a time when your broker's experience can be a tremendous benefit. Destinations Realty agents have negotiated seemingly uncloseable deals to successful conclusions. We will help you figure out the next step to take—whether to pursue the original property or to move on.

Our pledge: We won't sell you any property that we're not comfortable with or don't believe in. We want you to do business with us again and refer us to other people.

So let's begin, and you'll soon own some of the most sought-after property in the world.


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