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At Destinations Realty, we understand that sellers must think of their home as a theater. Your scenery must be right, the lighting perfect, the audience comfortable. We're experts in helping you set the stage and making it easy for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living happily in your home. Research shows that buyers make the real decision about a house purchase within the first seconds of seeing it, so first impressions matter. It is our intention at Destinations Realty to secure the absolute best market price for your home, in the shortest time, with the least hassles. Our experience has taught us that a few simple but important steps will enable you to sell your home at a 5 to 15 percent higher price, and in a shorter time.

Here are some low-cost, high-return upgrades to raise the perceived value of your home:

  • Eliminate clutter to make rooms appear larger. Store half your clothes to make your closets look twice as big. Get rid of excess or worn-out furniture.
  • Make the buyer feel at home by eliminating highly personal items. Buyers cannot envision themselves living in your home if your personal imprint is everywhere they look. Reduce family photos to a treasured few. Your master suite and kitchen should look like a model home.
  • Clean up. We're sure of this: a clean house sells more quickly and for more money than a dirty one. Get your house squeaky clean, if you do nothing else.
  • Take a hard look at the little details, and get your house in perfect working order. Paint your door, and get new house numbers. Make especially certain that your kitchen and master bath sparkle. These are the rooms the buyer looks at first.
  • Now is the time to get those repairs done. A motivated buyer could bring in a professional house inspector. Make sure the inspector likes what he sees. Buyers want a home that's well-maintained.
  • In each room, give the buyer something to remember: shiny brass andirons by the fireplace, a charming area rug, red geraniums in the kitchen window sill.
  • Brighten up your home. Wash all the windows and pull the curtains back to let in as much sunlight as possible. Turn on all the lights. This is no time to conserve energy or worry about the sun fading your furniture.
  • Concerning sound, quiet is the best policy. To the buyer it suggests peace and privacy.
  • Ensure a welcoming aroma. Make sure there are no offensive odors from pets, smoke or cooking. Ask us--we can help you create that "new house smell" with common materials and products. And don't forget fresh air and sunlight.
If you follow these tips, and we have others, your home can sell faster and at a higher price. And the buyer will find more enjoyment in the move. We are dedicated to the successful sale of your house, and we are specialists in making your home shine. Call us for more information on staging your home for sale.



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