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Florida's rapid growth provides many varied investment opportunities. At Destinations Realty, we have assembled an experienced team of Commercial Advisors to handle investor needs. Our portfolio of investments range from small investment properties to the large partnership joint venture. Our clients range from small and conservative to large investment groups. Our affiliations internationally provide us with a diversity of clients having various investment needs. We enjoy this very specialized part of the Real Estate business.

Retail, Office & Industrial Brokerage: The successful  leasing or selling of commercial property requires knowledge of most recent comparables in the area, target markets and utilizing the proper channels of advertising and marketing.

When representing the sellers, our commercial real estate experts work hard to determine the price of the property. We research and analyze comparable properties in the marketplace, as well as recently sold properties. We assist sellers in preparing their property for the marketplace and then devise and implement a customized marketing plan.

Use of a preliminary due diligence checklist is strongly advised when purchasing commercial real estate. Preliminary due diligence checklist is much more in-depth than the residential due diligence list. Among many items the due diligence checklist for commercial real estate includes:

  • Financial records: Annual profit and loss statements - past 3 years
    • At least one year monthly profit and loss statements
    • Balance sheet
    • Rent Roll including term, deposit, and payment history
  • Tax returns for 3 years
  • Insurance: Insurance Policy; including all riders, risk assessments, and disclosure affidavit for carrier
  • Deed
  • All existing loan documents: including notes, closing statements, title policy, deeds of trust, riders, etc.
  • All leases, addendums and riders
  • Service or advertising contracts: maintenance, management, janitorial, extermination, commission agreements etc.
  • Copies of all recent appraisals, engineering reports, environmental reports
  • Survey, legal description, architectural and engineering plans and specifications
  • List of employees: names, position, wage rate and entitled benefits
  • Business license
  • Physical inventory: equipment, furniture, fixtures and supplies
  • Utility bills: water, sewer, gas, electric (at least 2 years of monthly statements)
  • Bank statements showing deposits for last twelve months (optional)
  • Property Tax tickets for the past three years
  • Litigation History: details of any past or pending litigation.

Brokerage of Residential Development Sites: We assist our clients when buying or selling large tracts of land for residential subdivision development.

Buyer/Tenant Representation: We will exclusively represent buyers and tenants, previewing and selecting sites for you when you are relocating or expanding your business. We also work with investors seeking suitable income producing investments for their portfolios.

Partnerships/Joint Ventures: We put together partnerships and joint ventures for the purpose of acquiring real estate investments based sound investment principles.

Planning & Development: We offer planning and development expertise to ensure the creative marketing of your property. We analyze proposed developments for feasibility in the current market environment. We can walk a property through development, from planning to completion.



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